LifeLine Pro Tyre Levers - Set of 3u
2.000 OMR 2.000 OMR 2.0 OMR
Squirt Chain Lube (120ml)
10.000 OMR 10.000 OMR 10.0 OMR
Park Tool VP-1 Vulcanising Patch Kit
3.400 OMR 3.400 OMR 3.4 OMR
LifeLine Self Adhesive Puncture Repair Kit
2.200 OMR 2.200 OMR 2.2 OMR
BikeWorkx Clean Star - Cleaner - Spray - 750ml
4.400 OMR 4.400 OMR 4.4 OMR
BikeWorkx Clean Star is a cleaner / degreaser. By simply spraying on the agent it quickly removes grease, oil, dirt and brake fluid. It is suitable for degreasing chains before being lubricated with BikeWorkx Chain Star and also degreasing bearings, brake, clutch pads and other metal components.

Note: This product may affect painted surfaces and some types of plastic. Test before application. It is not suitable to be used for degreasing before gluing.
BikeWorkx Silicon Star - Oil - Spray - 200ml
4.000 OMR 4.000 OMR 4.0 OMR
BikeWorkx Silicone Star is a silicone oil suitable for oiling and preservation during repairing and maintaining bicycles, particularly suspensions forks (do not confuse with oils for filling shock dampers) rear shock, O-rings, rubber seals, cables, shifters and remotes.
Included in delivery: 200ml Spray
BikeWorkx Oil Star Biodegradable - Oil - Applicator - 100ml
3.500 OMR 3.500 OMR 3.5 OMR
Oil Star is an all-purpose biodegradable oil suitable for general lubrication (cables), rusted joints release, and prevention of corrosion.