FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap

The Pulling Ankle Strap from FINIS is a rubber strap that is worn around the ankles to eliminate kicking. Ideally used with the Foam Pull Buoy, the Pulling Ankle Strap shifts the focus so that swimmers can build upper body strength.

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    Top Features:

    • Eliminates Kicking - Holds ankles together, shifting focus to build upper body strength
    • Ideal for Pulling Sets
    • Compatible with a standard pull buoy
    • Durable construction
    • Universal Size - One size fits all

    Develop and improve your stroke with the FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap. Comfortable, durable and versatile, the training aid is ideally used with finger paddles or a pull buoy for pulling sets, working to increase upper body strength by holding the angles together, eliminating kicking and shifting focus to different muscles. Without finger paddles or a pull buoy, this ankle strap will improve your core strength and positioning in the water.

    Highly durable, this ankle strap will stand up to many training sessions in the pool and the universal sizing will fit most ankles, however, if it is too loose, the strap can be easily twisted to provide a more secure fit. 

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