FINIS Alignment Kickboard

The alignment kickboard was design to give you a perfect alignment from the finger tips to the toes. When used properly, the Alignment Kickboard sits just below the water line so swimmers can lengthen their body without kicking at an incline.

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    Top Features:

    • Hydrodynamic Profile - Keeps swimmers streamlined from fingertips to toes
    • Submersible Design Creates an ideal body alignment when used just below the water line
    • Stabilizing Hand Strap - Allows swimmers to control the board without gripping, and places the hand
    • Shoulder Safe - Smaller design puts less pressure on the shoulders
    • All Four Swim Strokes - Great for standard kicking, one arm drills and side kicking in all four competitive strokes
    • Sturdy Foam - Coated material resists the damaging effects of chlorine
    • Lightweight Structure - Compact frame makes for easy storage and travel

    Giving you your best positioning and shaping in the pool ever, the Alignment Kickboard trains the body to give you every advantage possible in competition. The hydrodynamic profile of the board keeps you as streamlined as possible from head to toe, using any of the four main strokes, one arm drills or side kicking. Sitting just below the water line to lengthen your body to perfection to prevent kicking at the wrong angle while also relieving pressure on the shoulders for a more comfortable experience. A lightweight structure makes it perfect for travel, while its sturdy coated foam works hard to resist the wearing effects of chlorine.

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